Revolutionary Disciple Making

March 11th | New Hope Church |  Nottingham, NH

The workshop will begin at 9am and end at 3pm.

Join us for our upcoming Disciple-Making Workshop!

We are excited to have Dr. Aila Tasse and representatives from Lifeway Mission International join us for this event! You will be blessed to hear a first-hand account of what God is doing in Africa through Disciple Making Movements.

Together we will rediscover the New Testament model of disciple-making and how it is still relevant today.  The first disciples started a revolution two thousand years ago, a revolution that changed the world. It is not over!

You will come away from the workshop with a clear understanding of the rhythms and habits that are needed to live a disciple-making life. You will also leave with clear next steps that you can put into practice immediately.

You don’t want to miss this unique opportunity!

Note: We will be having pizza for lunch. If you have any dietary restrictions, you are welcome to bring your own lunch.

Questions? Send an email to


Dr. Aila Tasse – Founder & President of Lifeway Mission International

Just in 2022 disciple makers with Lifeway Mission International witnessed God move in an amazing way!

  • 32,142 – DISCIPLES MADE
  • 15,803 – BAPTIZED
  • 5,471   – LEADERS  TRAINED

You can read Dr. Aila Tasse’s story and how Lifeway Mission International began by going HERE.

If you are unable able to make this event we would like to invite you to join us for one of the luncheons (listed below) with the LMI team.

Thursday, March 9th – Lunch at New Hope Church in Nottingham at Noon. Please RSVP to

Friday, March 10th – Lunch at 11:30am at World Radio 120 Washington St. in Rochester. Please RSVP to

Also, Dr. Tasse will be at New Life Church in Raymond at 6pm on Sunday, March 12th. You are invited to come!

About Disciple-Making Life

Disciple-Making Life started due to our dissatisfaction with the effectiveness of the church in making disciples.  We began to rethink our approach to disciple-making. We studied the Bible and networked and learned from those who were involved in disciple-making movements. What we have learned and are striving to obey as disciple-makers we want to pass on to others. We are passionate about making disciples! 

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