Disciple-Making Life

Our vision is for a movement to happen in New Hampshire that will spread to New England and beyond! 

Lifeway Mission International is hosting their Level 1 Disciple-Making Movement Training online starting March 4th. This is their basic training on how to live a disciple-making life. There will be ten different two hour weekly sessions. For more information or to register click the button below.

Disciple-Making Life

We have a passion to make disciples! We train, encourage, and deploy disciples who make disciples. We work with individuals, churches, and leaders to develop the mindset and habits needed to effectively make disciples where they live work, and play.

Disciple Making Life Coaching


If you are looking for help in your disciple-making journey, we would love to connect with you! 


Disciple Making Life Teaching


If you would like you to know about upcoming workshops or are interested in having us come and do a workshop at your location please let us know.

Disciple Making Life Teaching


Our free training course will give you an overview of what a disciple-making life looks like.


About Disciple-Making Life

Disciple-Making Life started due to our dissatisfaction with the effectiveness of the church in making disciples.  We began to rethink our approach to disciple-making. We studied the Bible and networked and learned from those who were involved in disciple-making movements. What we have learned and are striving to obey as disciple-makers we want to pass on to others. We are passionate about making disciples! 

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